Washed Up on Beach

Try to Grab the Bone

Or Try to Confront the Gorilla Mutant?

Ow. Head. Hurts. At least, that’s the first thought that pops into your mind after you wake up. Unfortunately, the beach you just woke up on isn’t exactly like the Caribbean Islands. In fact, as you crack your eyes open, this decrepit place looks like the Amazon and the Florida Keys had an unfortunate love child. A very, VERY, unfortunate one.

Well... at least... my sense of humor is still... intact. Your thoughts are still groggy, the words slow to be put into sentences.

The surrounding areas are completely covered in vines, moss, trees, and other overgrowth that you’d find in a place where nature decided to take back. Now, this really should be the worst part of the island, at least, until you see a three headed dog creature in the distance.

At first, you think it was your brain still having muddled thoughts still, but then you start to hear animalistic screeches and sounds that really shouldn’t be possible. You see the sun in the sky start to edge toward the horizon. You may not be afraid of the dark, but those weird screeches could probably scare even Dwayne Johnson, so you jump up and high tail it off the beach.

In some deep thought in the back of your mind, you remember once having the ability to make a fire. After some more deep thought, you think,

Why can I not remember where or who I am, but perfectly recall how to light stuff on fire?

After a quick search for kindling and a little patience, you quickly have a small fire to keep you warm, at least for now. You promptly pass out next to the fire, your eyelids too heavy to keep monitoring throughout the night.

You suddenly jolt up, awoken by what sounds like a really, really pissed off gorilla. As you scan through the trees ahead of you, you quickly realize that it indeed is a really, really pissed off gorilla! It slowly advances toward you, its mangled features a bit different than what you think a gorilla should look like . You look to your right, and see what looks like a bone protruding out of the ground just past the gorilla. You might be able to defend yourself with it.

What will you do?