Washed Up on Beach

Attack the Scientist?

Or Hear Out what the Scientist has to Say?

The ridiculous hairstyle and lab coat immediately triggers your memory. Your vision goes dark and you witness a scene from what feels like a few days ago. It’s fragmented, but you manage to put the pieces together. You see the lab, but it’s clearly in better shape than it is now. There are scientists roaming about with papers and other lab equipment in their hands. You bring your hands up, but they are met with glass.

Whoever cleans the glass here needs a raise, because they did a pretty damn good job.

Your vision flashes again, and you see an assortment of animals in glass boxes, similar to yours. Trays of instruments on tables lie about, full of instruments and syringes, filled with purple murky liquid. You see a lanky man mere feet ahead of you, typing away on a laptop, cigarette held idle in his lips, lost in thought.

A thought emerges into your mind then.

Why am I the only human here, in these glass cages…?

You stumble back, returning to the present once more. You whip your head to the man, appearance matching that of your vision.

It’s him. He was there.

Will you…