Washed Up on Beach

The End

He did this. Even with mere fragments of memories, you cannot stop the pure hatred bubbling inside your chest. A roaring silence fills your ears, your mind. He did this. His fault.

Without even thinking, you run right at the scientist with your sword raised. He turns around, but doesn’t even have time to scream, only widen his eyes. You slash him across the body, killing him instantly. As you turn around. The gorilla looks at you, a horrifying expression plastered on its face.

What… What have you done? We needed him alive!

Indeed you did. In killing the scientist, you have eliminated the last person on the island with any information about what the lab is, it’s purpose, and why it was ransacked. You stand there, the thoughts now boiling into your head now. He’s dead.

The gorilla gives you one last look of disgust, and runs away out of the lab.

That was almost three years ago, at least according to your tally marks that you scraped on the walls with your sword. You haven’t seen the gorilla since you murdered the scientist. Can you blame him? You’re ruthless! You’ve spent all of your time on this island, searching for answers on who you are, what this place is, and how to escape. So far, you’ve come up with nothing. You start to wish you hadn’t been so trigger happy, otherwise, you’d probably be off this island. Welcome home...