Washed Up on Beach

Fight the Dino Together?

Or Try To Communicate with the Dinosaur?

He was there. But…

You straighten, trying to clear your head.

The man gets up from where he is crouched, previously hunched over a filing cabinet with documents strewn about, looking for something. This large room was of similar nature: papers, torn and scattered on the dirty tiled floor. How you’d expect a run down, nature-overgrown place to look like.

The man straightens too, meeting your gaze. You have the urge to recoil from his gaze, but you grit your teeth and keep your breathing steady.

Breathe in, then out. In and out.

“I... see you in my memories,” you say, voice echoing throughout the large room. “I only see fragments, pieces. But I know your face. You did this to me, to us.”

Your mutant ape friend beside you grunts in agreement.

But the man does not cower from your gaze. His dark eyes seem to show many emotions, but you cannot quite get a grasp of what they are. He finally breaks from your stare, glancing around the room. Searching for a way out of this confrontation, no doubt.

He spots a door slightly ajar to his right, your left. You can tell he’s contemplating running, but knows the mutant gorilla would catch him first.

“Tell me what happened here,” you yell in his direction. “That’s all I want from you.”

“Tell me what happened here,” you yell in his direction. “That’s all I want from you.”

The scientist smirked, then jerked his chin to the ape. “And send your pet after me when I’m no longer useful? No thank you,” he laughed. “I’m no fool.”

The ape growled, opening its mouth --

A large crash and the sound of crushing metal scraped at your ears suddenly, the floor beneath your feet rumbling with the impact.

You whipped your head to your right towards the empty wall - only, it was empty a moment ago. Now, there stood what could be equated to a t-rex, large and dual jawed, ripping at the wall foundations to get into the room. Your adrenaline rushes through you, but you need to decide quickly what to do --

Will you…