Washed Up on Beach

Immediately Go for the Kill with Bone Sword

Hear Out What the Scientist has to Say

You’re feeling pretty lucky, which is both brave and stupid considering you’re staring at a gorilla mutant that’s at least twice the size of you. You dash around the gorilla, and quickly grab the bone. When you draw it from the sand, you see that the other end is curved, almost resembling a sword.

Now I’VE got a bone to pick with you, you big dumb monkey!

As you laugh at yourself, the gorilla charges. You swing your bone sword at the gorillas arm as it raises its fist. The sword slices through the arm like a hot knife through butter. You didn’t chop off his hand, but the gorilla looks pretty hurt from the blow. He grabs his arm and quickly retreats into the overgrowth. That was a close call.

Your encounter with the gorilla mutant has made you a bit bolder. You head into the mainland with your sword up, ready to slash at any other abominations that try to size you up. You may be brave, but it doesn’t help your sense of direction in the slightest. You find yourself wandering the island for days until you come across what looks like a metal wall with a door. There are strange, almost alien-like markings on the walls. Somehow, you can translate them, as they say “Laboratory 6. Authorized Personnel Only.” You’re not authorized personnel, but you’re not going to let that stop you!

You enter the laboratory, and the lights immediately activate, revealing a large room. Actually, this looks more like a prison now that you think about it. The walls are aligned with cells, but their doors have been ripped apart. The room is completely trashed, with broken glass, chairs, and other equipment you’d assume you could find in any other laboratory. You then spot the few puddles of blood on the ground, which makes you feel incredibly uneasy.

What kind of sick Jailhouse Rock crap is this???

You spot another door and immediately go through it. Once again, you are met face to face with the strange, gorilla mutant from before. This time, he doesn’t look too angry, which is ironic because you almost turned him into a Star Wars character by lobbing off his hand. You think about bringing your sword up again, but he doesn’t look like a threat anymore. You then hear a voice in your head.

Why, human?

You think to yourself that you’re finally losing your mind, but the gorilla looks at you with a sad expression. You hear the same voice in your head.

I wasn’t going to hurt you… Why must you hurt me like the others did in this place?

Others? Looks like you know what the blood originated from. However, the confused look on your face gives the gorilla enough information to know what you’re thinking.

We are connected, you and I, human. Many of us-

You and the gorilla hear loud, frantic noises coming from the upper levels of the lab. You immediately bring your sword up, ready to strike. The gorilla looks at you.

It is him. It has to be. Despite my doubts about you, we must put aside our differences and confront the man upstairs. He is the reason that we are here. Come, human, but do not stand in my way.

You and the gorilla run up the nearest stairs toward the sounds of rummaging. You reach the door and quickly burst through it, eyes scanning. Inside the room, you see a lanky man with wild eyes wearing a lab coat, and the most ridiculous hairstyle you’ve ever seen. The cigarette in his mouth doesn’t make him any cooler. In fact, it’s probably killing him.

Nice cat ears, loser.