Washed Up on Beach

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You realize that the bone protruding from the ground might be too far past the gorilla for you to survive this confrontation. You slowly raise your arms out, hoping that the mutant understands that you have no ill intent towards it.

Please for the love of everything, do not eat me… do not eat me…

A bead of sweat runs down your forehead, heart rate pacing fast enough that you can feel it hammering in your chest.

Oh please, eat you? Your scrawny pile of bones wouldn’t last me until lunch.

You freeze, and the confusion must’ve been written all over your face. You look around, risking breaking your eyes away from the ape’s towering presence to search the surrounding foliage for where some person might be standing.

Where the hell did that voice come from??

I’m disappointed it’s taking you so long to figure this out…

It clicks in your brain then, eyes snapping to the ape’s. The animal huffed out a noise that could be equated to a laugh.

Greetings, human! So very surprised to see another civilized life form around here. So many of the others only give me a grunt or a screech in return.

“How can I understand you right now? You’re not moving your mouth to speak…?”

You must be going crazy. Or you hit your head too hard when you blacked out. Either one was plausible at this point, really.

We are connected, you and I, human. Many of us-

A screech sounded nearby. Too nearby. You frantically look around, bracing yourself for another creature to come bounding onto the beach. The ape’s voice now sounded frantic this time, not with his usual posh-sounding gusto.

Come with me quickly, if you would like to last the night. I’d hate to see you be another wretched thing’s meal.

Yeah, that would be preferable, you got out. You were sure the voice in your head somehow sounded shaky as you communicated mind to mind with the mutant ape. It seemed to understand your fear, as it quickly beckoned you to follow.

Even with the sun shedding light on the forest around you, you had absolutely no idea where the ape was taking you. But you really had no choice, as you had nothing to defend yourself with out here, in the dense woods. Against whatever was the source of the distant roaring.

After a good few hours of trekking through thick jungle, you come across what looks like a metal wall with a door. There are strange, almost alien-like markings on the walls. Somehow, you can translate them, as they say “Laboratory 6. Authorized Personnel Only.” You’re not authorized personnel, but you’re not going to let that stop you!

You enter the laboratory, and the lights immediately activate, revealing a large room. Actually, this looks more like a prison now that you think about it. The walls are aligned with cells, but their doors have been ripped apart. The room is completely trashed, with broken glass, chairs, and other equipment you’d assume you could find in any other laboratory. You then spot the few puddles of blood on the ground, which makes you feel incredibly uneasy.

What kind of sick Jailhouse Rock crap is this??

The ape huffed in displeasure, clearly not liking this place anymore than you did.

This, the ape’s voice in your head said, is the lab. Or what used to be the lab. It is the reason why we are able to communicate the way we do.

Both you and the mutant ape wander the halls, opening doors and peering down hallways, listening. As if on cue, you and the gorilla hear loud, frantic noises coming from the upper levels of the lab. You glance at the mutant, the fear you feel in your chest no doubt reaching your eyes.

It is him. It has to be. If we want any chance to escape, we must confront the man upstairs. He is the reason that we are here. Come, human, help me take him down, so that we may know why he did this to us.

You and the gorilla run up the nearest stairs toward the sounds of rummaging. You reach the door and quickly burst through it, eyes scanning. Inside the room, you see a lanky man with wild eyes wearing a lab coat, and the most ridiculous hairstyle you’ve ever seen. The cigarette in his mouth doesn’t make him any cooler. In fact, it’s probably killing him.

Nice cat ears, loser.